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Technovek is an exclusive partner of manufactures of high-quality oil and gas equipment on the territory of Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

We are the official representatives of such well-known manufacturers as:  ‘Oil and Gas Equipment Plant ‘Technovek’ LLC, ‘Trading house ‘Votkinsky plant’ LLC, ‘Neftemash-Service’ LLC,  ‘VZDSnabKomplekt’ LLC,  ‘Mechanical plant ‘Kalyazinsky’ LLC, ‘Sibnefteoborudovanie’ LLC, ‘TMK Plant’ LLC, ‘Aneko PC’ LLC, CJSC ‘Kubanneftemash’,  JSC ‘MC Runaco’, ‘Akmash-Holding’ LLC, ‘Intov-Elast’ LLC and ‘NAFTAMATIKA’ companies.

All our partners produce modern and reliable products for the oil and gas industry. Our catalog already includes more than 1000 products of various modifications that meet the requirements of the international standard – API SPEC 6 A.

In addition, we offer professional expertise and individual, cost-effective solutions that fulfill all the needs. Understanding the production processes and the specifics of the industry, we help to find the necessary equipment that helps our customers to move to a new level.

We are constantly expanding our brand portfolio with quality products to make competitive equipment available worldwide. We are sure you will also find exactly what you are looking for.

Our values

Quality is a matter of technology.

Every detail matters. This applies the equipment we supply and our service.

The key to success is our team.

Its experience, ingenuity and professionalism. Our specialists find solutions where others see only obstacles.

Reasonable pricing policy

We always find the most efficient and profitable solutions for our customers, achieving a balance between suppliers and customers.

Time is money.

That is why we always meet deadlines and constantly surprise our customers with quality and speed.

Honesty and reliability.

We adhere to these qualities in our partnerships and the products we supply.

Activity areas

‘Trading House ‘Factory Technovek’ LLC specializes in supplying oil and gas equipment, as follows:
Wellhead equipment, isolating valve and isolating control valves, gate valves for the oil and gas industry, pressure manifold block, pipeline insulating connection, rod damper.

Products we supply:

  • oil assortment chains;
  • sucker rod pump control stations;
  • packers, cementing equipment, etc.;
  • installation for drilling and development of wells;
  • 4VU air compressors and spare parts for them.
  • laboratory for hydrodynamic studies LS (LSG);
  • pumping equipment for oil production and spare parts for them;
  • spare parts for Oil Country keys;
  • spare parts for IRI-125, TW-80, TW-125 installations;
  • spare parts for PPUA and ADPM (steam trucksteamer) installations;
  • beam-pumping units and spare parts for them, manufactured in Russia and Romania.
  • fishing tool, shock tool, milling cutters, bell jars, taper taps, etc.;
  • drilling equipment – hoisting blocks, swivels, hooks;
  • cement units and spare parts for them produced in Romania and Russia;
  • spare parts for gas-phase installations;
  • equipment for oil and gas pipelines;
  • pipeline insulating connections;
  • explosion-proof equipment and stocks of parts manufactured in Romania and Russia;
  • elevators, swivels, pipe wrenches, and other tools for overhaul of wells;