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Official representation

All our partners produce modern and reliable products for the oil and gas industry.

We are the official representatives of such well-known manufacturers as: ‘Oil and Gas Equipment Plant ‘Technovek’ LLC, ‘Trading house ‘Votkinsky plant’ LLC, ‘Neftemash-Service’ LLC, ‘VZDSnabKomplekt’ LLC, ‘Mechanical plant ‘Kalyazinsky’ LLC, ‘Sibnefteoborudovanie’ LLC, ‘TMK Plant’ LLC, ‘Aneko PC’ LLC, CJSC ‘Kubanneftemash’, JSC ‘MC Runaco’, ‘Akmash-Holding’ LLC, ‘Intov-Elast’ LLC and ‘NOVOMET GROUP OF COMPANIES’.

All our partners produce modern and reliable products for the oil and gas industry. Our catalog already includes more than 1000 products of various modifications that meet the requirements of the international standard – API SPEC 6 A.



In a short time, the company has established itself as a reliable partner that produces high-quality and competitive oil and gas equipment.

Since its foundation, the company has been using its capabilities as efficiently as possible, achieving high results in all areas of professional activity. The positive dynamics of the main financial indicators of the enterprise was the result of correct management decisions, which were based on the desire to develop the enterprise, invest in the expansion of production, use progressive methods and master new technologies.

Today “Plant NGO” TECHNOVЕK” LLC  is an enterprise with a developed infrastructure, the  number of workers at which numbers 943 employees. The plant covers an area with a total area of ​​seven hectares, on which there are 11 production buildings. Manufacturing and supplying the market with high-quality oil and gas facilities. We have our production relations based on the prompt consideration of any wishes of customers, consistently introducing the latest technologies and methods, and works for the mutual benefit of the enterprise and their customers.


OJSC Trading House ‘Votkinsky Plant’

The oil and gas equipment produced by the plant is used for overhaul and underground repair of wells. It also includes various pumping units, pumps to maintain reservoir pressure, shut-off and steam valves, drilling pumps, packers to protect the columns of operation from the negative effects of fluid pumped into the well, and more. The plant also supplies mechanisms and modules for mobile and stationary drilling rigs. Gearboxes, rotors, winches, transmissions, manifolds and other equipment are produced.



‘Neftemash – Service’ LLC

Multidisciplinary enterprise for the manufacture of other oilfield equipment on the chassis of the Urals, KamAZ: PPUA-500 / 0,6, PPUA-1200 / 0,6, PPUA-1600 / 100M, PPUA-2000 / 100M, ADPM-12/150 units, units cementing AC-32, mixing units AC-6/30, installations of blocks of manifolds BM-70/32 and spare parts to them.

VZDSnabKomplekt LLC

Production and service company ‘VZDSnabKomplekt’ is a young and dynamically developing company engaged in the production and provision of services for repair of screw downhole engines, manufacture and supply of spare parts for equipment for drilling and overhaul and operation of oil and gas wells. The company offers engines in overall sizes from 43 to 240 mm.



‘Mechanical plant ‘Kalyazinsky’ LLC

The main activity of ‘Mechanical Plant ‘Kalyazinsky’ LLC is the production of oil and drilling equipment.

  • Nowadays  ‘Mechanical Plant ‘Kalyazinsky’ LLC  is developing in the following areas:
  • development and production of mobile drilling rigs and well repair plants with a carrying capacity of up to 200 tons;
  • development and production of lifting equipment for work with pipes;
  • development and production of lifting equipment for mechanization of ancillary works;
  • development and production of related drilling equipment;
  • development and production of hydraulically driven drilling pumps and pumping units based on them;
  • development of frequency-regulated drives of asynchronous electric motors for the drive of drilling equipment;
  • development and manufacture of non-standard equipment according to agreed technical tasks.


Novomet Group of Companies provides oilfield services for oil and gas wells. One of the leading manufacturers of ESP and electric submersible motor, which supplies equipment for well completion projects and mechanized production around the world.


‘TMK Plant’ LLC

Today TMK Plant LLC is a small modern production that develops, produces and supplies spare parts and components for anti-ejection and drilling equipment.

The plant is constantly developing fundamentally new elements of explosion-proof and drilling equipment using the latest advances in science. The company invests significant resources in new developments, research, and works to improve its production base.

Production Company ‘Anekо’ LLC

The company ‘Anekо’ is a reliable supplier of oil and gas equipment, has a powerful production base and modern technologies.

The main activity of the company is the production of spare parts and components for equipment for drilling and operating oil and gas wells.


CJSC ‘Kubanneftemash’

Kubanneftemash Closed Joint-Stock Company was founded in 1996. The main production activity of Kubanneftemash CJSC is the production of oilfield equipment and the provision of services for the development, implementation and engineering support of equipment for oil companies.

One of the main types of products produced by CJSC ‘Kubanneftemash’ is sucker rod pumps of various sizes and configurations.


Runaco Management Company JSC

Runaco is a vertically integrated holding company that united in 2012 enterprises for the design, production and service of pumping equipment for oil production:

BENZ: more than 50 years of experience in the production of complete ESP.

BKZ: innovative high-temperature submersible cable.

ORION-R: a complete line of control stations and telemetry systems for ESP.


Intov-Elast LLC

Intov-Elast LLC specializes in the development, manufacture and supply of rubber technical goods (RTG) and products made of polyurethane, fluoroplastic, plastic, thermoplastic elastics for various purposes.

Perform serial, small-scale and single production orders in the field of drilling and production equipment for production, transportation and refining of oil and gas with a wide range of rubber products, RTG for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, energy systems, agriculture.



UPET SA has manufactured and delivered almost 650 drilling and workover rigs, in over 45 countries of the world. The products meet API, ISO, OHSAS and GOST standards as well as the most exigent requirements of our beneficiaries.

From 1984 and until this moment, UPET SA has manufactured and delivered almost 650 drilling and workover rigs, in over 45 countries of the world, including Brasilia, Bulgaria, China, Ecuador, France, Kazakhstan, Libya, India, Iraq, Oman, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela.